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A Taylor Made Burner Fairway Woods ReviewExpand / Collapse
Posted 8/2/2011 8:28:28 PMPost #4603

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A Look at Burner Woods, Drivers and Ladies Burner Golf ClubsThe TaylorMade Burner Fairway Wood produces a higher, longer and more accurate shot from the fairway.Taylormade now offers a complete line of Burner golf clubs. In addition to their several driver models, in the spring of 2007, they released wholesale golf clubs a complete lined of Burner Fairway woods and hybrids. The fairway woods are a 3 wood with a 15° loft, a 5 wood with an 16° loft and finally a 7 wood with a nice 21° loft.
There are several models, but the best for theaverage golfer is Burner Steel Fairway woods. The steel club head is quite oversized for a fairway wood, but gives the golfer extra forgiveness and, most importantly, the ability to launch the ball easily off the fairway or light rough. The light weight TaylorMade RE-AX® graphite shaft, complete with a nice light grip, helps promote TaylorMade R11 Driver a faster swing and additional club head speed. In fact TaylorMade claims the club's MOI (moment of inertia which relates to speed and power and can only be explained by a physics professor) is 30% higher than their earlier r7 steel woods. The burner shafts come in several different weights from a very light 49 gram shaft to a feathery 44 gram shaft and gripThe burner features are interesting and, like all golf club descriptions, a bit technical. So, what's in it for your average golfer to use a Burner fairway wood?• It's easy to hit and its high trajectory results in more carry and distance. The large club head increases forgiveness if you strike the golf ball a little off center.• The triangular head focuses weight and, again, increases the forgiveness factor.
As mentioned, the really light graphic shafts increase swing speed and distance.If you want a little more club and have the ability to handle Ping G20 Irons a more powerful fairway wood, TaylorMade offers a TI (titanium head) model and the TP model for the PGA professionals and scratch golfers. The slightly different shape, more compact footprint and heavier shaft produce outstanding results for golfers that can handle these less forgiving golf clubs.Before leaving our fairway woods, let's take a quick look at the TaylorMade Burner Rescue Hybrids. This very appropriately named club features "steel pull-face" construction for long accurate golf shots. However, the key benefit is the greatly increased forgiveness on miss hits and gets the golfer out of situations that could, in the past, destroy a, so far, decent round of golf.The Taylor Made burner driver has been around for a while, but is always being improved. Off the tee, it's all about distance and that Callaway RAZR X Tour Irons is what their "superfast technology" is all about. Basically, weight distribution, aerodynamic club head and lighter and more flexible shaft combine to produce a faster swing speed. This increases the ball speed and the result is a 5 iron to the green, rather than a three wood. Like its fairway wood cousins, the Burner also comes in several different models. There is the Burner 460 model and of course the TP model for the touring pros. The women's Burner models, both drivers and fairway woods offer the same benefits as the men's, but are designed for a woman's strength and swing. So far, the reviews have been quite favorable. Look for more Titleist 910 D3 Driver detailed information in our ladies golf section. The Burner's online reviews have also been glowing.
While some rave about increased distance, others are more impressed with the club's accuracy. After all it's easier to hit the green from the middle of the fairway than behind a tree.Finally, what about cost? The clubs can be purchased online with a starting price of under $200.00. Clones and used clubs are also available at even lower prices. The best way to shop online is to visit a few online stores and check out their offerings and prices. Also, make sure you are dealing with a reputable merchant. Find a web site you trust and look closely at their online merchants. In the long run, they are probably the best bet.

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