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Posted 8/19/2011 2:12:14 AMPost #4894

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1.2.3 power adapter from the engines
Power adapter is 220V exchange turn 5V dc (according to different cell phoe jammer type, shape, shielding the dc voltage output after endless and same) to blockers host power supply, power adapter must be put in the position of above 20cm from the engines, otherwise, from host and antenna of strong magnetic field can lead to decreased, the output voltage adapter influence of host blockers are often work, causing shielding the effect not beautiful.
130 omnidirectional antenna, directional antenna how to choose
1.3.1 omnidirectional antenna, directional antenna is introduced
The whip to antenna (soft in common use of antenna), one of the most commonly used is to let the antenna remain vertical toward dynasty (namely antenna top up).
Based on the signal omni-directional antenna with omni-directional antenna with emission characteristics, the signal coverage can general as a for the center with antenna spherical area, but in fact, the extension cord direction is the antenna two signal emission weakest areas, so, if want to let whole to play out the biggest signal antenna, then covered radius to avoid antenna toward the most hope by screen area. For example, when the dynasty to the antenna is vertical antenna installation, the area is shield around the farthest regions signal transmission, cell phone jammer and above the sky and antenna toward the ground direction under party is the weakest areas shielding signal.
Also, if the use full to the antenna, meet shielding signal coverage, can too wide appropriately adjust the antenna, will antenna pointing toward don’t like to be shielded areas, then, the area to the antenna signal will be corresponding shielding abate some.
When the site environmental requirements more exact shield or by shielding area surrounding exist in the area not requires shielding, recommend using directional antenna, directional antenna can will shielding signal relatively concentrated area toward a block of launch, directional antenna towards cell phone jammer regional will be shielded signal transmission farthest regions, directional antenna behind the sides and there will still be small department points area is shielding signal coverage.

Posted 8/14/2014 4:41:31 AMPost #4994

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Awesome! I love the style of these. Thanks for sharing.
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