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Posted 8/20/2011 1:00:31 AMPost #4914

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From July 21, began aggressively in the domestic hot "Transformers 3", indeed, so large in the international brand in China stole the show. In addition to the film which made one little face Metersbonwe, TCL, and Yili Shu of milk, television, the most natural appearance is "Lenovo" and "android pad" Both Lenovo's brand. One, "Lenovo" brand appearance rate even less than ten times, "ThinkPad" is a critical moment turned into a small robot to shoot down enemy aircraft carriers, can definitely be regarded as an important turning point in the plot development.

In addition to the "Transformers 3" emerge on the big screen, the Lenovo's 10 inch android 2.2 tablet PC, but also taking advantage of the "Transformers 3" hot opportunity to aggressively market this year Shucu rage. From July 1 to August 31, as long as you have any of a Tpad 7 android, desktop or mobile phone, which can enjoy any of a purchase price of select models of Lenovo Music Pad Tablet PC, the highest discount rate of up to thousand dollars. Among them, Le Pad (16GB/3G version) the price of lower prices from 4599 yuan to 3799 yuan, the margin of preference up to 800 yuan, almost the market's most cost-effective 10-inch 3G ainol novo8 PC!

Now, with a superpad3 PC anywhere online, has become the urgent needs of many tablet users. But for now, the city's free WiFi hotspot pitiful. While we can in places such as Starbucks or McDonald's to enjoy free WiFi hotspot. But this not only limits freedom, and drink coffee and eat hamburgers cost is not too small. In addition, if traveling by car, then, is even more difficult. After all, the city wanted to find a free WiFi hot spots are very troublesome thing. If to the tourist attractions, then look for opportunities to free WiFi hotspots are even more remote. Fortunately, the current market, there have been many 3G Tablet PC, and most flat-panel simply plug in the 3G mobile phone SIM card to be used. This would allow the city to achieve "free exercise", can also act as a journey traveling by car GPS navigation device to use!
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