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HTC Conference, WP7 new machine and Puccini...Expand / Collapse
Posted 8/20/2011 1:02:21 AMPost #4915

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Friday HTC 7 inch android 2.3 tablet open invitation to participate in all walks of life will be held on September 1, a special conference. This conference venue in London, will make fans and the media "to see the next surprise." However, there is no news about which device will be unveiled at the press conference.

The conference dates coincide with the IFA show in Berlin, it might be HTC's device at the IFA show in the same time. The conference is relatively low-key. To publish a device may include female phone HTC android tablet pc Bliss, Kingdom and other Android devices.

Many people hope conference will bring more surprises. It is said that this conference will be released in a Windows Phone 7 Mango flagship mobile phone, HTC Eternity, with 4.7-inch screen, equipped with 1.5GHz processor. It is the first with front camera design WP7 phone. There may also be a 8 inch android 2.2 tablet HTC Omega released the same day.

Other possible appearance in the conference, the device is HTC Puccini flat. It is HTC's 10 inch android 2.1 tablet, is the first HTC devices running Android 3 system. Screen Resolution 1280 x 800, equipped with Qualcomm dual-core 1.5GHz processor, equipped with 8 megapixel camera, while the support plate will also support its own HTC HTC Scribe pen input capacitance technology, 7 inch android 2.1 tabletHTC Watch video on demand services.
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