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Posted 1/14/2013 3:30:56 PMPost #4928

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sons of anarchy seasons 1-4 dvd Plot: The second season ends with SAMCRO trying to get rid of Ethan Zobelle (Adam Arkin) and his cohorts once and for all The club exploits its porn connections to entertain Henry Lin's clients, which doesn't sit well with one member. doctor who seasons 1-6 dvd Plot: The Doctor urges cooperation between the factory workers and the doppelgangers to overcome a crisis of their own making. Christmas Eve, 1851, and Cybermen stalk the snow of Victorian London. But when one Doctor meets another, they must combine forces to stop the rise of the CyberKing. boardwalk empire seasons 1-2 dvd Plot: Nucky shows he still has a few tricks up his sleeve by finding another source for booze, so Jimmy and his partners look for a new moneymaker in Atlantic City. Meanwhile, striking workers create a dilemma for the powers-that-be at the height of tourist season; Nucky finds new legal representation; Margaret deals with a guilty conscience; and Manny Horvitz feels slighted by a debt payment game of thrones seasons 1-2 dvd Plot: In the premiere of this adaptation of author George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" medieval fantasies, King Robert Baratheon journeys north to offer Lord Ned Stark an important position in his court after the death of a trusted mentor. Meanwhile, the exiled Prince Viserys Targaryen uses his sister, Daenerys, as a pawn in his plot to return to power true blood seasons 1-5 dvd Plot: A Festival of Tolerance in Shreveport finds Marnie plotting another strike against the vampires, much to Tara and Holly's dismay. Meanwhile, a recuperating Sookie mulls a world where Bill and Eric can coexist; contrasting agendas create friction between Bill and Nan Flanagan; Hoyt asks Jason for a favor; Marcus recruits an ally to deal with Sam; and Jesus tends to Lafayette's spiritual well-being
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