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Do You Want Male Primary Teachers?Expand / Collapse
Posted 3/8/2013 8:31:09 PMPost #4938

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Do You Want Male Primary Teachers? Male Primary Teachers are desperately needed in primary schools. The job however, can be perceived as one not suitable for men. This perception is outdated and inaccurate and puts a lot of potentially great male primary teachers off from joining the profession. Since I became a male primary teacher myself, I have realized that there are so many men out there who would make superb primary school teachers and love their job, if only they had sufficient insight into the actual truth about the job in the 21st century.

All written from the entertaining perspective of a currently serving male primary school teacher with no fluff or filler just the facts and most vital information alongside stories and anecdotes all written with warmth and humor. This was first published in late 2012 and the information is so cutting edge that we are still creating our audiobook. The only version available is our Kindle book from Amazon. If you don’t own a Kindle, the free Kindle Reader App is available for all computers, tablets, iPhones and Android phones from the Amazon website. When considering any new career, it is essential that you have all the facts so you can make the best decision for you. Male primary teachers are desperately needed, give yourself a head start on everyone else by simply reading our book.

Posted 8/14/2014 4:32:47 AMPost #4992

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I want fmale Primary Teachers .
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